About ETCR alumni

ETCR alumni are an independent organisation connected to ETCR Bruges Course. The head of ETCR alumni is the Former Trainees Committee, responsible for organising the annual Former Trainees Day.


The ETCR Former Trainees Day is organised by former trainees from the ETCR Bruges Course, and arranged in an European country. The content in Former Trainees Day is speech about the railway in the actual country, study visits and, of course, some social events and networking. All former trainees of the ETCR Bruges Course are invited to participate the Former Trainees Day.


Members of the Former Trainees Committee

Mikael Prenler, Sweden, Chairman

Colin Charman, United Kingdom, President of ETCR

Sjaak Heijstek, The Netherlands

Hans Meiner, Switzerland

Jan Möllmann, Germany

Brian O’Meara, Ireland

Tamara Romay, Italy